Meet the team

We're team 3873

Hello and welcome to our website! We're Scotbotics, made of eight high schoolers interested in engineering and the art of robotics, all living in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area. Although some of us go to different schools in the area, an overwhelming majority of us go to Piedmont High School in Piedmont, California.

Our team prides itself on being completely student-run. For us, this means that students code the robot, build the robot, CAD (or computer-aided design) the robot, finance the robot, and carry out the business needed in order to send our team to competitions. Although we do have a mentor named Helen Potter (who is amazing at organizing tournaments and helping us connect with the FTC Makers' group), we want to emphasize that our robot is truly our robot-- without adults helping or carrying us from step to step.

Although our team does enjoy relaxation and the joys of high school (as proven by the fact that every single member has other extracurriculars, maintains their grades, and has somewhat of a social life), we consider ourselves to be competitive. As the oldest team in Piedmont and in California's FTC Regional Competition (because we're over ten years old), we were the highest ranked group in our area and placed in the middle of the pack at the end of the 2019 season. Years prior, Scotbotics had the pleasure of going to FTC's Worlds Competition twice. Because of the success of our team starting in 2008, the city of Piedmont went from having only one robotics team to eight in 2019. Still, our team is well-known for having a fun dynamic where stress and productivity are well-balanced.

Our members are: Nicco (President, CAD), Ben (Vice-President, Hardware), Clayton (Software Leader), Oscar (CAD), Jeremy (Hardware), Isaac (Software), Andrew (Software), and Ibrahim (Hardware).