Labyrinth Competition

A COVID Dilemma

An unmodified Scotbotics Labyrinth Rover. Team members will build and modify one of their own.

Because the Coronavirus pandemic prevented us from competing in the 2020 - 2021 FIRST season, we decided to host an internal competition early in the summer of 2021. Each team member received a kit containing all the parts they need to construct a basic Arduino powered robot. Building individual robots is a great way for team members who might normally specialize in one aspect of robotics to gain experience with both hardware and software. Each robot was then tasked with navigating a labyrinth autonomously, using an ultrasonic sensor to detect the walls. The rules of the game are quite simple:

  1. Each member is allowed to run their robot through the labyrinth as many times as they want.
  2. During a run, each member is allowed to touch their robot up to three times.
  3. Members are encouraged to modify their robots in any way they want, with some limits.
  4. The robot that records the fastest time navigating the labyrinth wins!

The competition ended up being extremely successful, with the majority of our members successfully navigating the labyrinth.

A New Tradition is Born

Due to the success of the labyrinth competition, we are extremely excited to announce that we are making the labyrinth competition an annual event. In addition, we are inviting all other Piedmont robotics teams to compete in this competition with us, including both middle and high school FTC teams and our beloved FRC team, The Highlanders. Each participating team will have their own competition before sending their top two robots to the all-star competition, hosted by Scotbotics. The top three robots in the all-star competition will take home 2 trophies each, one for the creator and one for their team. The Scotbotics labyrinth will be made available for other teams who wish to come over and use it, although frequency and duration will be limited by our availability.

Teams that wish to compete should send us an email at
More information about the labyrinth competition can be found on this document.